Sale or Return

Sale or Return

The used car market can be quite tricky when selling your prized possession, late night visits from prospective buyers, buyers not turning up, tyre kickers etc. Its those kind of scenarios that puts us off selling our cars privately. And sometimes with no greater financial reward than if you part exchanged it.

That's why we have introduced a sale or return agreement for our customers.

How it works:

We pretty much sell your car on your behalf, we keep the vehicle on display at our dealership, we clean it, we advertise it, we insure it, we sell it! The transaction is all done through the dealership which takes all the stress away from you. So no late night tyre kickers or scammers for you to worry about. We agree a price with you and we sell it sell, it couldn't be any easier. If for any reason we don't sell it or you change your mind and want to keep the vehicle you can take it back. Simple.


Customers prefer to buy from dealerships because of the facilities that we offer, Finance, Warranty, Part Exchange, HPI checks etc.